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Over a perfectly pitched ten episodes, the FX series methodically built its own multilayered case. Simpson trial was both completely sui generis and the forerunner of contemporary policing controversies; that Marcia Clark, played by Sarah Paulson, had been mistreated by her contemporaries and by history; and that a TV show with a great deal on its mind could still move elegantly and with self assurance. Trial stretched on for months on end; the televised one, also a ratings hit, was over all too swiftly.

That’s all that matters. Everything else doesn’t matter. He loves his brother, his sister, his dad, his mom, his grandmom. Trace amounts of water is visible in Neptune upper atmosphere, but astronomers believe the ratio of water increases as you pass down through the cloud tops. Planetary scientists have theorized that water could exist deep down in Neptune solid core, in an ionic state, where temperatures are thousands of degrees Kelvin. But there might be a spot higher up, where temperatures are cooler (less than 800 K) and pressures more reasonable (less than 20 kbar) then vast oceans of liquid water could form..

When the customer specifically asks and 2. As a gesture of goodwill even when the customer does not ask. “Since your purchase is so close,” the salesperson could say, “I’d like to give you a complimentary crystal vase for shopping with us.” Choose to “delight” the customer at every opportunity you’re given..

Bill’s inspired rant describes the depths to which we need to re think congregational life in a post Christendom, postmodern context. And being on the outside, outside now of both pastoring and congregation, I come across all sorts of interesting people who are yearning for God in a passionate way and finding their passion to be stoked only when they let go of the old habits. The walking wounded are everywhere, and they have a lot more wisdom than one would expect, even as they are entirely burned by doing anything organized again..

A preemptive fuck you to everyone. All you do is say you want to kill yourself yet somehow i always the 14 year old and you all so mature, Jesus Christ go to hot topic and listen to My Chemical Romance and cry or something. There nothing mature about being suicidal, sad, depressed, sympathetic, or any of that lame emo shit you all love so much, that is childish, and every adult understands that fact.

The DEC Hudson River Estuary Program helps prepare students to become stewards of the river water quality and fish.On Thurs., Oct. 14, environmental education centers and school classes all along the Hudson River estuary will collect scientific information and share it to create a picture of “A Day in the Life of the Hudson River.” This annual program will help participants understand how their piece of the river fits into the larger Hudson estuary ecosystem.Sponsored by the DEC Hudson River Estuary Program, the “Day in the Life” event is in its eighth year. Some 3,000 students and educators will be sampling the estuary waters at more than 60 sites from New York Harbor to the Capital District.In partnership with the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, the Hudson River Estuary Program has recruited river educators to work with students at each site.

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